United States Postal Service

A complication of work as part of the USPS team at MRM, spanning nationwide campaigns, social, printed books and direct mail.

2023 Holiday Campaign

During the holidays there’s no limit to the joy that is delivered by the USPS. With this idea, we bring our improved delivery network and the joy of the holidays to life with a world made completely out of shipping boxes, shipping supplies, envelopes and stamps.


Produced by Hornet

CD Sasha Plitz, Marina Beldi, Andrew Siebert
Art Direction Mayara Schmitt, Cailey McKenna


2023 Holiday Print Campaign

2023 Holiday Social Assets

2022 Operation Santa Repositioning

Operation Santa is a USPS program that digitized letters written to Santa, allowing others to “adopt” them and send gifts during the holiday season. It’s a program with lots of information, lots of do’s and dont’s, lots of dates and lots of holiday spirit. We were tasked with repositioning the programs online presence and to synthesise all its information for both letter writers and letter adopters.


CD Jane Kim
Art Direction Cailey McKenna

Letter writer FAQ’s
Letter Adopter FAQ’s

Direct Mail for Marketers

Data focused and personalized mail pieces showing the benefit Direct Mail has when used in powerful ways. 


CD Marina Beldi, Andrew Siebert, Jane Kim
Art Direction Justin Combs, Cailey McKenna

EDDM is a direct mail marketing tool that displays census data through USPS mail routes so businesses can target the right audience with their mail campaigns. This campaign was fully customized, pulling EDDM data from recipients zip code to show the possibilities they have with the service.  

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